How To Freeze Fresh Spinach For Smoothies 2021

How To Freeze Fresh Spinach For Smoothies. Add a bit of water if needed until you reach the desired consistency. Add spinach, making sure it is all under the water.

how to freeze fresh spinach for smoothies
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Add ¼ kg of sugar and 1 ½ cups of evaporated milk. After cubes freeze solid, toss them in a freezer bag.

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After that, add five frozen spinach cubes. All you need to do is choose some nice fresh spinach leaves and place them inside a ziploc bag.

How To Freeze Fresh Spinach For Smoothies

But, blanched freeze spinach greens are preferable for thicker smoothies.Fill a bowl halfway with ice water.Finally, pop the green bags inside the freezer
for as long as it is right.First you need to wash and dry your spinach, and remove the stems.

Follow these steps to freeze your spinach for your next smoothie:For making puree, blend the spinach with water.Freeze the puree in ziploc freezer bags (again, squeeze the air out), ice cube trays, or baby food.Freezing whole fresh spinach leaves.

Freezing whole fresh spinach leaves;How to freeze spinach for smoothies.How to freeze spinach for your smoothie.How to use frozen spinach for smoothies.

I just place whatever container it’s in.I only freeze in glass and i have only had two jars break.I use gallon silicone ziplock bags for zero freezer burn.If you fill your jar to the top it will break!

If you prefer to do it yourself instead of just buying frozen spinach, rest assured it’s pretty easy.If you would like to keep your smoothie prep simple, that is going to be the most basic method for freezing fresh spinach.In a large saucepan bring water to a boil.It will be unpleasant, and you will be sad.

It’s awesome since you never have to worry about it going bad, there’s always some ready and waiting for you, and the nutrients are locked in.Just add all of the spinach to a blender and add just enough water to get the blender going.Leave the bag in the freezer until ready to use.Make sure that the containers are freezer safe and bpa free.

Make sure the tray is level in the freezer.Make sure you squeeze out as much air as practical then pop the bag in the freezer and you’re good to go in a matter of hours.No blanching, special rinsing, or special bags or containers required;No need to thaw, just add the frozen spinach leaves right from the freezer to your blender when making smoothies.

Now measure the greens and start putting them inside the bags.Now that we’ve answered the question, can you use frozen spinach in a smoothie, you’re probably wondering how to freeze spinach.One of the easiest ways to freeze spinach, kale, collard greens, chard, or any kind of leafy green is to steam it, blend it, and freeze it in cubes.Or try tossing spinach cubes into sauces or stews.

Place dry, ripped spinach in a labeled freezer bag.Place the leaves in a blender and puree the spinach.Pour contents into an ice cube tray, then freeze.Pour the spinach puree into silicone muffin trays and place the muffin tray in the freezer.

Press out all the air as much as possible and then seal the bag.Pulse for 1 to 2 more minutes.Pulse for 2 minutes every 10 seconds or so.Put the spinach filled freezer bags in the freezer and store for up to 1 month.

Remove spinach from the container it came in.Remove the cooled spinach from the ice water and squeeze it dry with.Rinse and freeze method is simply just washing your greens and adding them to freezer bags.Rinse and freeze your greens.

Scoop the spinach out with a large slotted spoon and shock it with a dunk into the ice water.Simply press the spinach down into the ice cube indents and put the tray in the freezer.Spinach cubes are the perfect addition to green smoothies.Spinach, kale and chard all freeze wonderfully and can be used in smoothies, soups or other recipes (but not salads).

The ice tray method is a little less conventional than the above method but is fun for kids.The two main ways to freeze kale, chard or spinach is either.Then pour your spinach mixture into ice cube trays and slide them in the freezer until they’re solid.They also work well when cooking rice, quinoa, or barley.

This is where the freezer comes in and saves my butt leaving the spinach frozen in time and perfect for future smoothies!This method is ideal for using spinach in soups, smoothies, or sauces.Throw a few handfuls of spinach into a blender with a cupful of water and reduce it to liquid.To save my lovely spinach i just put it in the freezer.

Transfer 2 cups of crushed ice into a blender.Turn the mold purees into the ice cube and add the frozen.Using ice cube trays is perhaps the quickest and easiest way to freeze spinach.Wash and dry spinach leaves and rip them into small pieces.

Wash spinach, discarding old leaves and woody stems.We always keep a stash of frozen spinach on hand to use in everything from smoothies to muffins and soups.Yes, you can freeze fresh spinach for smoothies.You can also freeze the whole leaves.

You can preserve the spinach as a puree.You can use the ice cube indents to freeze individual portions of spinach.You can use the leafy green cubes in smoothies,.You may add ¼ cup of condensed milk for flavoring.